About Us

LQ360 Trading INC is a transnational wheel group (enterprise) that emphasizes in development, manufacture, distribution, and aftermarket service. The company was found in 1970’s with head quarter located in New York, USA. Due to our highly attention of technology, we have built up four world-class R&D bases in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia. LQ360 Trading INC is dedicated to perfection and delivers the best in aftermarket wheels. Today, LQ360 Trading INC is commercially active throughout the US, Europe, Japan and China.

LQ360 Trading INC has adopted the world’s leading product R & D technology and production technology. Our design concepts, manufacturing processes, and the quality of products are second to none.We have continued to develop and expand our product selections to meet changing market demands.

At LQ360 Trading INC, we have kept placing a high emphasis on customized design. Like our customers, we value the time and work that goes into creating and manufacturing products are innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

LQ360 Trading INC is committed to providing our customers with professional, efficient and tailor-made high quality products that will suit for all luxury car brands. Moreover, as a well-known car modification manufacturer, our professional design of the wheels always be the best preferred by the world’s top F1 teams.

From our events to our renowned world tours, our supporters feel a sense of pride in the standards we uphold. It is our mission to strive to be a world leader by providing superior products in wheel industry. The pursuit of producing wheels of the highest quality, and providing unsurpassed customer satisfaction, remains at the center of the LQ360 Trading INC manufacturing philosophy.